Media Authority Citation Package

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Are you a local professional, business owner, executive job seeker, author, coach, or consultant? Here’s what major media citations can do…


  • Perceived as trusted local authority
  • Become recognized as a recommended industry expert
  • Maximize revenue from increased exposure


  • You are chosen ahead of your competition
  • Make customers seek you out instead of you chasing them
  • Increase long-term customer relationships


  • Increased branding
  • Become an industry & niche authority instantly
  • Increase your conversion rate and charge more for products & services

Our Process:

♦ You provide us with your quote and profile picture (hi-res photo of yourself 500 x 500 pixels)
♦ We submit your “quote” for major media placement for you
♦ We publish them on ABC, NBC, CBS, Fox: all within 15 business days!
♦ We send you the 100% real, working links
♦ You use your new found “fame” in your branding
100% LEGAL. 100% ETHICAL.

OK, I Want to Get Started…What’s the Investment?

This increased authority and the additional customers give you an exceptional value at only $1,597. However, we currently offer this opportunity with a special promo. When you order today, you save 50% off the retail price. That’s right, if you order right now, you will be cited in all 4 major news media outlets for …

Normally $997

BUT wait, for a limited time, you can get this package for


only $597

You know why you need this authority. For years to come you will benefit from this added authority. $597 is a tiny investment compared to the potential earnings you can achieve with it over the coming months. But why not keep an extra $400 in your pocket and take advantage of the promo price while it’s available? You’ll be glad you did.

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