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Local Marketing Is THE Way To Get More Customers…

Local Marketing encompasses a number of different marketing components. When potential customers search online for the services or products you offer, do they find your website? Can they view your website on their mobile phone? Is your company listed in local directories like Yelp, Google+ Local, and others? Is the information listed in these directories for your business correct and do you have positive reviews? We can help you fix and manage these items so you can focus on managing your business!

Local Marketing Is Critical For Your Business…


74% of Internet users perform local searches.


61% of local searches result in purchases.


82% of local searches follow up offline via an in-store visit, phone call or purchase.


The Top Benefits of Local Marketing

  • Credibility: Having your business’ local presence everywhere on the web will increase your business’ authenticity on the web.
  • Stronger Access to Local Market: Build a direct connection with your customers and community.
  • Accessibility for mobile searchers: If your website is registered in local directories and is mobile optimized then your viewers can easily find and navigate it.
  • Increase revenue: More of your local customers will find faster, leading them to buy your products and services more often.


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