Did you know that one of the easiest ways to create social buzz for your business is by using Facebook’s Check In feature? This is particularly powerful during the upcoming holiday season but it can be applied year round.

What is Facebook’s Check In Feature?
Simply, when a customer is in your establishment, they post to Facebook via their mobile device that they are at your establishment. To do this, you give them an incentive: 10% off their purchase, a free latte, etc., you get the point.

How does this create social buzz?
Well, when someone “checks in” to your establishment, ALL their Friends receive a notification in real-time that they are at YOUR business! This tends to ignite the “FOMO” effect: the Fear Of Missing Out. People begin to think if my friends are there, then there must be something good going on. Consider this: anyone can ‘Like’ a business on Facebook but knowing that someone is willing to indicate that they were actually there carries far more weight.

Black Friday Weekend Bonus

Imagine all the people that know about your PFW special offer. They come to your location and “check in” on Facebook. They get a special offer and now all their friends know something special must be happening at your establishment. Otherwise, their ‘Friend’ won’t be at your location at this time. The viral effect is immediate. FOMO!

How can you do this? It’s actually fairly simple.

  1. Make sure your business has a Facebook page (with address)
  2. Determine your special offer
  3. Post a graphic of your offer at your location (see attached graphic)
  4. Tell your staff what to do (check the customer’s cell phone to verify the ‘check in’)
  5. Post the offer to your Facebook page and everywhere else

When can you do this?
Year-round, anytime! Holiday specials! Whatever works best for your business. Taco Tuesdays, Cupcake Fridays, Hump Day massages. You are only limited by your imagination.

So, how does someone ‘check in’?

  1. Scroll to the top of your Facebook News Feed and tap Location
  2. Select a nearby location or search for one
  3. When you check in, you can also:
    – Photo/Video: Adds a photo or video to your post.
    – Tag Friend: Adds a friend to your post. Learn more about tagging.
    – Feeling/Activity: Adds a feeling or activity to your post.
    – Audience Selector: Select your post’s audience.
  4. Write an optional status update
  5. Tap Post

Final Thoughts

Facebook Check Ins can create significant buzz for your business. Remember, your current customers should be your greatest advocates. This is a way to make that happen.

If you need help, let me know!


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