With every marketing method, there is a weakness. It’s good to be aware of these. No matter how good video marketing might initially sound to you, it might not necessarily be right for your business. Here are the top three advantages and disadvantages of video marketing.


1. Letting the video load

Some people are impatient or on a slow Internet connection. Also, if you have a particularly long video, this might frustrate viewers and have them leaving your site before the video loads completely.

2. Making the video itself

Just like writing copy, shooting, making or editing a video is a laborious process and can take a long time to get it just right. Uploading it can also be a nightmare, as well as getting it to appear the way you want it to appear.

3. Viewing problems

Trying to get the video showing in different browsers can be a pain in the back, especially if you have no knowledge of programming. If you want your video done in Flash, this is another hurdle that has to be overcome (but don’t worry… I will tell you how to avoid these problems and show you some handy video players and support teams that help you with this later.).


1. Connecting with market on personal level

It is commonly agreed that you purchase with emotion and justify with logic. In other words, the only reason you purchase something is because you felt a specific emotion that made you want to buy it in the first place.
I will show you how to tap into this human trait time and time again to form a relationship with your audience.

2. Search Engines love videos!

This isn’t well understood. It is safe to say that in general, videos do tend to get ranked higher than regular pages with written text and images. It could be the fact that the quality of content provided might be higher in a video.
I will also show you how to use free keyword tools to find keywords that you could easily rank for if you made a video about it. We’ll also show you how to optimize for that keyword in the video itself.

3. They can go viral

Videos have a viral quality, meaning that they can spread and grow faster and faster just without you having to even actively promote them. Think about the “Free Hugs” type video. There is a particular trait about that video that makes people talk about it and we’ll go through the different traits that you can use in your videos to make it go viral.

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